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Great quality CD's for your listening and dancing pleasure.  Perfect for home parties, club picnics, public demos, or even if your caller is an accidental no show to your club dance.
Enjoy a true dance experience.  Each CD arranged exactly as an evening of dancing.  The Plus CD's include Patter and Singing Calls.  All tracks were recorded live at actual dances and carefully selected for the CD's.


1.   Smokey Mountain Dew Patter

2.   The Saints Go Marching In

3.   Jude  Patter - Jack

4.   The Square Dance Is On

5.   Robert E. Lee  Patter - Sam

6.   Play Me Some Rag

7.   Blues Berry Hill Patter

8.   Living Next Door To Alice

9.   Turn Your Radio On

10. Down By The Lazy River

11. Popps Hoedown Patter

12. Dream Lover  

13. Oh Lonesome Me

14. Mountain Music

15. Rockin' Robin

16. Rockin' Mary Lynn Patter

17. God Bless The USA




1.  Tennessee Waltz Patter

2.  One Promise Too Late

3.  80’s Music Patter

4.  Your Love Has Lifted Me Higher

5.  Fur D’elise Patter

6.  Somebody Touched Me

7.  After The Lovin’

8.  Play Me Some Rag

9.  Get This Party Started  Patter

10. Margaritaville

11. Ginger Bread Patter

12. I Loved 'Em Everyone

13. Think Of Me When You're Lonely

14. Love Is In The Air Patter

15. Me And God






1.  Belenos Bag Pipe Mix     8:51

2.  Two Times One               10:32

3.  Jazzy Cut                         11:54

4.  Spanish Horn                  12:56

5.  Braveheart                         6:11

6.  Techno 2                             6:32

7.  Alpalaya                              6:44

8.  Hooked on Classics          9:20














Send check or money order for $10.00 each.  Include $2.00 for shipping per orders of 3 or less. 
2939 Creekside Drive
Indian Springs, OH 45011
Make checks payable to Jack Pladdys.